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Sophie Mogford-Revess
Landscape Artist

We invite you to explore the beauty of the outdoors

Painting Blooming
Running Through the Field in a Dress
Sheer Shirt on Mannequin
White Sneakers
Yellow Dress
Model in White Suit
Woman in Dark Theme
Portrait with Cat
Portrait of Senior Man
Dressed in White
Red Outfit

Trying to encapsulate the beauty of nature has been a lifelong pursuit for Surrey based artist, Sophie Mogford-Revess. Trained as a textile artist at Central St. Martins, Sophie recently turned to painting to express bold landscapes and other natural scenes.

Her love of the great outdoors led her to take up cross country running and wild swimming. Inspiredby these natural landscapes she expresses them in vivid, joyous and bold creations.


Sophie strives to capture the emotion of the scene and colour of the natural world.
Afforded the opportunity to travel with work, has led Sophie to explore and be inspired by a wide
range of different painting styles, from tradition Chinese landscape painting to Impressionism. She isalways capturing these new landscapes in her sketch book with oil pastels and reimagining them on larger canvases using acrylic once back in her studio.


Her ambition, throughout her work, is to give each piece the sense of joy and pleasure that the
natural world gives her.

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